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How the Legacy begins…

Ingrid Millet was founded by Madam Ingrid Millet, a French cosmetologist, in 1957. Being the first to use plant cellular extracts in cosmetics to fight pre-mature skin ageing, Madam Millet became well-known as the Pioneer of Caviar-based cosmetics in 1972. The famous Perle De Caviar range was born.

A Star ingredient with unrivaled effectiveness

Perle de Caviar, Ingrid Millet’s true signature range, delivers a highly effective and comprehensive anti-aging solution. At each stage of the skin’s life, from the appearance of the first wrinkle to the need of redefining facial contour, Perle de Caviar offers its technical, ultra-luxurious approach to beauty.

Nothing is too good for the skin; it is far too precious to refuse it the best……….


For the past 50 years,Elevator Shoes we have endeavored to constantly deliver the best to our customers. We are proud that our efforts have been recognized over the past decades by a number of awards, which reflect the quality and the variety of the innovative treatments and products that we strive to bring to our clients.

  • Prix Officiel 1995, Paris
  • Oscar De La Beaute 1996, Paris
  • Prix Officiel 2004, Paris
  • Prix Officiel 2008, Paris
  • Oscar De La Beaute 2008, Paris
  • Victoire De La Beaute 2010-11, Paris
  • Marie Claire Best Label Award 2012-13
  • Marie Claire Best Label Award 2013-14
  • Marie Claire Best Label Award 2014-15
  • CAPITAL Best of the Best Choice for Executives 2015
  • iChoice Internet Popular Award 2015
  • Marie Claire Best Label Award 2015-16

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