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We have advance equipments and well trained beauty consultant to conduct the procedure.
Our process is safe and reliable. Our results are 100% successful.
About us
About us

We offer you a relaxing & friendly environment, professional advice and effective product range. At Modern Beauty Centre, we have an experienced skin care team providing expert services. We have a comprehensive range of health, beauty and holistic treatments that are specially designed to suit individual needs, focusing on your specific concerns and helping to restore your optimum health and beauty.

Modern Beauty Centre is a recognized professional skin care and body wellness centre that commits to restore and maintain the health of your skin to its optimum level. Our company was found in 1995. Our skin care therapists are trained to provide each client with the proper facial and boy treatment for their individual needs.

Beyond individual wellness, we also care and contribute to our community, as we believe that a wonderful society can bring beauty to everyone.

Company History
  • 1995

    Grand Opening on May 9th.
  • 1995

    Outstanding Performance Award.
  • 1995 - Until Now

    Official Cosmetic and Make up consultant for
    Miss Chinese (Vancouver) Pageant.
Community Contribution History
  • 1999 to 2004

    Fund Raising Auction for charities every year.
  • 2000

    Donate and Support the Fund Raising for BCCPA (BC Crime Prevention Association) and Richmond RCMP.
  • 2002

    Our President is elected to be the Top 50 Outstanding Performance People in Greater Vancouver Area.
  • 2003

    Our President is elected to be the President of Vancouver Metropolitan Lion's Club.
  • 2005

    Volunteer to help and organize the Fund Raising Dinner for BC Children Hospital.

The most important message Modern Beauty Centre would like to convey to you is our commitment to provide the best care possible. we are committed to your total well-being. Our establishment is friendly and our advice is knowledgeable. Customer satisfaction is very important to us. We want to ensure that you are happy with each and every service we offer. Safety is of the utmost importance. Using innovative, advanced techniques, and state-of-the-art skincare equipments and products, we promise to restore your health and beauty. We maintain onsite up to date training as well as off site courses to keep up with the ever changing world of health and beauty.

Our professional staffs are dedicated to providing you with not only the finest beauty treatments available, but unparalleled personal service to make every moment you spend in our beauty centre a wonderful experience.

Contact us
Contact us

#103 & 104, 8171 Alexandra Rd, Richmond, British Columbia

Canada V6X 1C3

Tel: 604-279-9969

Fax: 604-279-9868

email: rebecca@modernbeautycentre.com

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